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Excursion Van Rentals is a hospitality startup in Portland, OR. We are a camper van rental company seeking to change the way people travel.

Experience the freedom of the open road without buying a round-the-world plane ticket.

Our fully equipped vans allow you to eat, sleep, and cook while on the way to your next adventure anywhere in the US and Canada!




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All of the essentials are included

Excursion camper vans are equipped with everything you need.


Each van comes with a cooktop, pans, pots, kettle, strainer, kitchen knife, coffee press, etc. Even salt, pepper and cooking spray.


Excursion rental vans come completely equiped with clean and cozy bedding including an electric blanket for cooler months.


When it comes to lounging we have you covered. Each van comes with camp chairs, table, lantern & other camping equipment.


Store your food in our built in refrigerators. Eat your food with accompanying plates, bowls, utensils, mugs & other dining basics.